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The Kind of Love that Only Exists in Movies

 // Brian Adam McCune

"The Kind of Love that Only Exists in Movies" (2017) is a musical elixir; a tango-esque dream composed for Elena Urioste (violin). The composer envisioned the soft focus blur of a romantic scene from a 1960s film as this piece took shape. He wanted to write a piece for Ms. Urioste which featured her tremendous capacity for expression through her instrument.


Further, having worked with the talented Liza Wallace (harp) on the last two records by The Dear Hunter, the composer was eager to write something new for her. The inception of this piece had jazzier roots which morphed into a quasi-tango, but the presence of upright bass gave the composer an opportunity to feature his very good friend Travis Kindred.


Jennifer Reason, whose hands had quite the workout for "Passage" has a more charming role on the celesta, graciously borrowed from Fremont High School in Sunnyvale, California. Rounding out the troupe are fellow Awesöme Orchestra percussionists and delightful human beings Lily Sevier (crotales) and Sage Baggott (cajón).


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