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Green Day's Dookie (2016)


Mr. McCune is a future guest music director for Undercover Presents, bringing to the stage one of Green Day's seminal albums.


Stay tuned for more info.

UNDERCOVER PRESENTSSly and the Family Stone's Stand! (2014)


In January 2014, the Awesöme Orchestra Collective performed the opening (and title) track for three sold-out crowds at The Independent in San Francisco.  Guest music director David Möschler commissioned Mr. McCune to arrange the funk classic for full symphony orchestra, plus rhythm section and vocalists.


Recorded by Jesse Nichols at Fantasy Studios, Studios A and D, November 8-9, 2013 
Produced by Brian Adam McCune and David Möschler with Fantasy Studios 


The show remounted for one encore night in January 2015 at the Fox Theatre in Oakland, California.

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