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MATT MONTGOMERY - Petty Troubles (2014)

Orchestrated and Conducted by Brian Adam McCune
"Petty Troubles is a live orchestral pop album featuring the songs of Matt Montgomery, orchestrated by Brian Adam McCune, and produced by Brendan West.  Petty Troubles is also the title of the companion documentary, directed by Isaac Pingree, that chronicles the process, perks, and pitfalls of recording an independent album live in one day with 30 Bay Area musicians. Though risky by design and imperfect by nature, we are extremely proud of the results. We hope that you’ll enjoy our labor of love." (via

Petty Troubles Trailer

The CD/DVD Documentary is available at

3. "Though I Try"

A big band version of this track also exists in the universe, arranged by Brian Adam McCune.

1. "On Top of the World"

First track on the album, also an unlockable song in Rocksmith 2014.

4. "A Thousand Years"

The fan favorite.

2. "Petty Troubles"

Title track for the album and documentary.

5. "Wishing on a Fallen Star"

Brian's favorite.

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